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Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension - Ford F150 Suspension

Free Shipping on all Icon Vehicle Dynamics Products

KLM is the East Coast distribution hub for Icon Vehicle Dynamics suspension systems, including Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension for Ford, Toyota, and Nissan trucks. Our mission is to distribute only the finest vehicle suspension components and aftermarket accessories. Icon Vehicle Dynamics suspension components have been proven -- proven in racing and proven on our personal vehicles.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics suspension components are for discerning enthusiasts who, like us, demand the best suspension systems for their Ford, Toyota, and Nissan trucks. Our mission is to match the performance requirements of our clients with the Icon Vehicle Dynamics suspension parts available anywhere.

NEW: KLM is offering a Special Order program for Icon Vehicle Dynamics's newly released Ion Vapor Deposition (IVD) Plated coil-over shocks, also known as the "Extreme Weather" version. This IVD process allows the coil-over shock bodies to be extremely resistant to corrosion in a harsh weather conditions. This plating has been used in many government and military applications. The coating is available for every coil-over Icon Vehicle Dynamics manufactures. Contact us for additional details.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics - TEI Technology Relocation Bracket Kit

Icon Vehicle Dynamics - Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension - Icon Vehicle Dynamics

Icon Vehicle Dynamics has released its newest addition to its Super Duty Suspension line-up.

The TEI Techology Relocation Bracket Kit will allow anyone with our 2.5”,4.5”,&7” System to gain “The Extra Inch ” that they are looking for.

This simple bracket installs underneath the front coil-springs and adds 1 ” of ride height without changing the ride quality or performance of any of Icon Vehicle Dynamics's suspension systems.

Whether it's to clear larger tires or just for that extra boost in confidence, the TEI Relocation Bracket will do the trick.



Icon Vehicle Dynamics - Ford F150

9-1000 Front Coil-Over Shocks - 2004-2006 4WD / 2WD

Icon Vehicle Dynamics - Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension - Icon Vehicle DynamicsA long time in the making, Icon Vehicle Dynamics has released its Ford F-150 4WD and 2WD Front Coil-Over Shock system for the 2004-2006 model years.

These new shocks have been in the engineering process for two years. Icon Vehicle Dynamics’s engineers were never satisfied with the ride quality they were getting from the prototype shocks, so they continued working on them and finally enlisted the help of 9 time Baja 1000 Champions Dave Ashley and Dan Smith. Ashley and Smith conducted six months of testing to help Icon Vehicle Dynamics engineers develop the best F-150 shocks on the market.

Designed with the serious off-roader in mind, this system allows for a 0-3" lift; and comes with a race inspired 2.5" shock body and internal reservoir, allowing for superior cooling and shock dampening.

The system also includes a Icon Vehicle Dynamics designed Eibach coil spring and is completely pre-assembled. It works great on and off the road increasing performance and the riding/driving experience!


  • 2.5 inch shock diameter that prevents shock overheating
  • 0"-3" Ride height adjustable.
  • Superior shock dampening and control
  • Increased wheel travel
  • Levels out the dropped F-150 nose
  • Corrosion resistant 7/8” Nitro steel shaft and cad plated body. They will not chip or rust like chrome shafts and have the best corrosion resistance in the industry.
  • Included billet aluminum upper mounts and Chrome Silicone Springs
  • A digressive piston design that will handle the toughest off-road terrain and smooth out the ride on the highway - The ONLY 2.5 inch shock on the market with digressive piston!
  • Specific shock valving developed by Icon Vehicle Dynamics for your truck, for the best possible suspension performance & best ride quality on the market

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Frequently Asked Questions

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Qustion: Can I combine the 3" hanger kit with a 4" spring?

Yes, Icon Vehicle Dynamics manufactured all of its components to be modular so that they can work together in different configurations. If you are interested in combining components that are not listed on our site, please drop us a note.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Can I re-use my u-bolts?

No, we recommend using a fresh set of u-bolts when ever they are removed.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Can I use Icon Vehicle Dynamics Coil-Overs in conjunction with any other lift system?

The stock Tacoma & Tundra Coil-Overs should not be used in conjunction with any other front lift components as they are a stand alone suspension system. Icon Vehicle Dynamics does manufacture Tacoma & Tundra Coil-Overs that are approved for use with the Total Chaos Upper Control Arms.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Can I use my Icon Vehicle Dynamics Coil-Overs with my other aftermarket lift?

The Icon Vehicle Dynamics coil-over suspensions systems are a stand alone product and should not be used in conjunction with any other non-authorized aftermarket suspension components. The use of Icon Vehicle Dynamics's product in this manner will void the warranty.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Can I use the 2" mini spring pack with any spring?

No, the 2" mini spring pack is only compatible with stock Ford springs.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Does a spanner wrench come with my coil-over kit?

YES! The new 2 pin CAD Plated wrench comes in all coil-over kits.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: How do the Super Duty kits work with snow plow springs?

Traditionally the Ford snow plow springs offer 1.5" of additional lift. Please consider this when deciding rear options.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: How high can I adjust my coil-over shocks on my 4WD Tacoma?

On 4WD Tacoma's you don't want to adjust Icon Vehicle Dynamics coil-overs to more than 2.5" of lift. Any more than that puts excessive wear and stress on CV's and boots. The use of a differential spacer will allow you to go slightly higher. What about Tundras? The Tundra coil-over is only adjustable up to 2.5".

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: How much will each kit actually lift my truck?

With the purchase of any Icon Vehicle Dynamics suspension system you are guaranteed to receive at least the advertised lift height that you bought. All Icon Vehicle Dynamics springs were designed around the weight of the Power Stroke Diesel Motor. Trucks with V8 and V10 motors will see higher lift heights. A V10 truck with the 6" lift springs installed will more than likely have a 7" lift.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: If I add an aftermarket bumper/winch setup to my Toyota truck will I still get the lift I want?

The springs on the Icon Vehicle Dynamics coil-overs are rated for the stock weight of the Toyota trucks (Tacoma & Tundra). If a large amount of weight is added like a bumper, winch OR BOTH, the truck may sit slightly lower in the front.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Is Axle wrap bad for the truck?

Yes, it fatigues spring and sends a shock through the driveline. Often times driveline vibration feels like axle wrap, but the two problems have completely different solutions.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: What comes in the Icon Vehicle Dynamics box kits?

The small box kit part # 3-1020 (for 4" – 8" lifts) contains the following:
1 EA. Pan-Rod Bracket (3-35)
1 EA. Sway Bar Drop Link Kit (3-36)
1 EA. Drop Pitman Arm (3-FD500)
1 EA. HKSD-03 Hardware Kit Includes:
2 EA. ½" x 3 1/2" Bolt Gr.8
2 EA. ½" x 5" Bolt Gr. 8
8 EA. ½" Washer Gr. 8
4 EA. ½" Nylock Nut
1 EA. Cotter Pin

The large box kit part # 3-1030 (for 10.5" -12.5" lifts) contains the following:
1 ea. 10.5"/12.5" Pan-rod bracket
1 ea. Pan-rod bar mount/spring pad
1 ea. Sway bar link kit
2 ea. High-Density Foam bump-stop
1 ea. HKSD-03 hardware kit
3 ea. ½" x 1 ½" Bolt Gr. 8 (Loose)
6 ea. ½" Washer Gr. 8 (Loose)
3 ea. ½" Nylock Nut (Loose)

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: What is the difference between the add-a-leaf and the full spring pack for the Tacoma and Tundra?

The add-a-leaf utilizes the stock main leafs while eliminating the factory overload leaf spring. It greatly improves the on and off-road ride while providing 1.5 inches of lift.

The full Deaver leaf pack is an entirely new pack including new u-bolts, bushings, sleeves and American made steel springs. The pack is designed from the ground up to provide your Toyota with the ultimate in off-road and on-road performance.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: What is the difference between the DR Signature Series Shocks and Bilsteins?

After many years of using Bilstein shocks with Icon Vehicle Dynamics's suspension systems, the company felt it was time to delve into its 30 year history of off road racing and manufacture its own. The Icon Vehicle Dynamics Signature Series shocks were custom valved by the same engineers that develop all of the company's suspension components.

The combination of Icon Vehicle Dynamics shocks and components offer the best ride quality on the market and are covered by a lifetime warranty. DR Signatures Series shocks are clear powder coated for a long lasting finish and have a Nitro-Steel shaft that resist rust, pitting and corrosion. These shocks are available in both mono-tube and remote reservoir models.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: What shocks fit on the dual shock hoop?

Any shock that accepts a 1/2" bolt will fit except King or Sway A Way piggy back shocks. Icon Vehicle Dynamics does manufacture a blank shock hoop (3-9013) for these applications.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: When do I need to use a carrier bearing drop kit (3-37)?

Icon Vehicle Dynamics recommends the use of this kit when going over 4" of lift. The shims minimize the drive line angles which helps eliminate vibration on the two piece drive shafts. However, every truck is different, so depending on your particular truck you may need this even in smaller lift applications.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Why are the new blocks flat?

Icon Vehicle Dynamics's engineers have conducted numerous tests' regarding both flat and angled blocks. The conclusion was that flat blocks do not disturb the pinion angle of the rear end and prevent excessive wear and vibration from occurring. Icon Vehicle Dynamics's flat blocks optimize spring travel and have a built-in bump stop tang much like the factory blocks.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Will your cross over steering kit (3-9500/3-9599) work on my new 2005 Super Duty?

The 3-9500 and 3-9599 are the cross-over steering kits are for the 99-04 Ford Super Duties. The new 2005 Super Duty trucks have a completely new front suspension so these kits will not work with them.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Aren’t all suspension lifts essentially the same?

NO! Contrary to popular belief not all lift kits are created equal. Different manufacturers utilize different methods of achieving lift as well as different geometries to address specific requirements. For straight axle leaf sprung trucks most manufacturers incorporate the use of replacement front springs. These will vary in design and materials. Generally thin multi leaf (10-12) spring packs provide superior ride quality over spring packs with (4-6) thick leafs. The quality of the materials used for the manufacturing of these springs also has a significant effect on the ride quality and longevity of the springs. A few manufacturers offer spring relocation hangers in order to achieve lift in lieu of replacement springs. This offer the advantage of a lower spring rate which in and of themselves will not adversely effect ride quality. The quality of materials and construction of these as well as other components such as the track bar bracket, sway bar links and u-bolts also vary between makes. Another major consideration in terms of ride quality are the shock absorbers included with each kit. Most spec generically valved shocks where others utilize application specific shocks which were developed specifically to address the ride characteristics of a lifted truck.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: What is the true issue with stacking lift blocks?

You hear the adage “don’t stack blocks” thrown around all the time but few actually understand the fundamental issue.

When lift blocks are added the distance from the spring to the axle is increased. This increased distanced provides greater leverage working against the springs and more importantly the u-bolts. The steel from which the u-bolts are manufactured will provide a given amount of stretch per inch. Therefor the longer the u-bolts the more potential stretch. The leverage applied to the u-bolts and the potential stretching of the u-bolt material are both relative to the distance from axle to spring. Again, the leverage is relative to the distance, not the number of blocks. It is the leverage which causes u-bolt failure. And, it is the failure of the u-bolts which causes blocks to be spit out. It is easy to blame the blocks when they are sitting out on the ground but if the u-bolts did not fail the blocks could not have come out. Therefore the bottom line is keep the leverage to a minimum, and use only high quality u-bolts. Many of the higher quality lift manufacturers now offer oe style one piece replacement lift blocks which will also include an integrated bump stop tag. It is also important to note that some states have laws prohibiting stacked blocks. Be sure to check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to verify that you are within the law.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: What is the difference between the Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2" and 3" systems?

The Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2" Mini Spring Pack Kit consists of a pair of 4 leaf spring packs which bolt to your OE springs via hardened center pins. The advantage of this kit is that is that spring rate is not increased therefore ride quality is not adversely effected. As the lift takes place below the springs this does not require any additional modifications such as aftermarket shocks. The down side to this is that there is also no increase in wheel travel so performance is not improved. Ride height is simply increased which will typically level an F250 and allows for the use of 33" tires on 8" wide wheels. Application specific shocks which will improve ride quality are available as an option.

The Icon Vehicle Dynamics 3" Hanger System includes spring relocation hangers which also provide increased ride height without increasing spring rate. The kit offers an advantage over other similar hanger kits on the market by the use of a longer replacement shackles in lieu of shackle relocation brackets. As a result the polar moment about the longer shackles allows for improved impact absorption. Also included in the kit are bump stop spacers which prevent damage to the shocks upon full compression. This kit will provide improved on-road ride quality and off-road performance through the inclusion of application specific Signature Series shocks and increased suspension travel. This kit will typically level an F350 and allow for the use of 33" tires on 10" wide wheels. An adjustable track bar is recommended for use with this kit.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Do I need an adjustable track bar for use with my 2" Superduty leveling kit?

As the vertical distance between the frame and axle track bar mounts increases the horizontal distance is reduced as the track bar operates in an arc. For small amounts of lift (1"-2") this is not a major issue as these fall within Ford factory specs (X-code equipped trucks are roughly comparable). Beyond that point the axle will be pulled over to the driver's side to an appreciable degree. Therefore, if your truck is equipped with X-code springs or a 5.4L engine where the stock ride height is already taller than the norm, we do recommend an adjustable track bar to maintain proper axle centering.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Can I add Icon Vehicle Dynamics Mini Spring Packs to my lift springs?

No, mini spring packs are designed for use only with OE SuperDuty/Excursion springs.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Can I use Icon Vehicle Dynamics Mini Spring Packs in combination with my hanger lift?

Yes. As the mini spring packs bolt directly to the original springs, they can be combined with most hanger lifts. However, combinations resulting in lifts beyond 4" will require a drop pitman arm, track bar bracket and longer sway bar links.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: What is the advantage of Icon Vehicle Dynamics’s 2.5" kit for ‘05-‘06 Superduty over cheaper coil spacer kits?

The advantage of the replacement coil vs. the spacer is increased suspension travel and superior spring rates. The DR 2.5" kit includes dual rate coils which were specifically developed after months of testing. These offer a 10% lower spring rate at ride height and ramp up to 50% over stock at full compression. The DR kit also includes Signature Series shocks which are vastly superior to the OE units. These do a much better job of controlling body roll and result in improved ride quality and performance. Also included with the DR kit are alignment cams which correct caster for proper handling. Most coil spacer kits simply level the truck and still require replacement of the front shocks.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Will the Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2.5" lift system level my ‘05-‘06 F250 Superduty?

The Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2.5" kit was initially designed for F350s, as such when installing the kit on a F250 the truck will sit nose high. We recommend adding either a 1" rear block, replacing the 2" F250 block with 4" flat block or an OE 3.625" F350 block. Making this change will address the rear shock length issue as well though we do recommend rotating the lower shock mounts down a bit when adding only the 1" block.

In order to rotate the passenger’s side lower shock mount down you will need to remove it and elongate the hole in the mount which fits over the centering pin on the axle housing. Elongating the upper side of the hole roughly ½" will allow you to rotate the shock’s position down approximately 1". For the driver’s side you will need to unbolt the lower mount and remove the centering tab located inside. The mount can then be relocated allowing the shock to be extended approximately 1" as well. This modification will allow you to properly run the DR Signature Series rear shocks.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Why does the steering on my ‘05-‘06 Superduty shimmy over bumps?

There are actually a few contributing factors to this issue. First and foremost, Ford Motor Company has a Technical Service Bulletin (04-26-1) which indicates that this is a problem the manufacturer is aware exists even in stock form. The TSB calls for a steering gear mesh load adjustment. We have also found a few new trucks with an abnormal amount of slop in the upper tie rod end (at the pitman arm) which can also contribute to the shimmy issue.

Beyond the above I have heard some people refer to this as bump steer. In stock form the ‘05-‘06 Superduty does have approximately 3/8" of bump steer from ride height to full compression and roughly 1" throughout the full suspension cycle. However, what some describe as bump steer is largely steering feedback. This is something inherent in the design of the ‘05-‘06 suspension even in stock form. There are two factors which we believe contribute to this issue. We have done some testing in this regard and believe that this stems in part from the placement of the OE steering stabilizer. As it is placed on the drag link rather than the tie rod it is less efficient. Furthermore, we are dealing with a 3 link suspension system which has lateral deflection though the suspension cycle. This causes the stabilizer to resist the vertical movement of the drag link through this cycle thereby pushing/pulling on the pitman arm which is thereby translated to the steering wheel. Switching to wider tires also provides greater leverage for the tires to work against the steering. This is also true to a greater extent when wider aftermarket wheels are added which increase the scrub radius. This provides even greater leverage especially when installing the typical 10" wide wheels with 4.5" backspacing which increases the scrub radius by roughly 3.5" alone. The inefficient OE stabilizer is simply not capable of compensating for this increased leverage working against it. In testing removal of the stabilizer resulted in sever death wobble so we do not advocate it’s removal without some form of stabilizer. We have found that a dual steering stabilizer system which mounts directly between the tie rod and axle housing does a much better job of minimizing this steering feedback.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Why doesn’t the Icon Vehicle Dynamics 4.5" lift system for the ‘05-‘06 Superduty include a drop track bar bracket and pitman arm?

This kit does not include a drop pitman arm or track bar bracket because the track bar on these trucks is approximately 8" longer and the drag link 6 ½" longer than that of the ‘99-‘04 SD. This increased length reduces the operating angles (post lift) to less than that of most ‘99-‘04 Superduty leveling kits. The inclusion of an adjustable track bar is of more value than an unnecessary bracket. Some companies do things simple because that is the way things have always been done without thinking of the geometry behind them. The larger DR kits do include a track bar bracket and pitman arm in order to maintain the proper geometry.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: What is drive line shutter and how can I prevent this?

There are several factors which contribute to this issue. Mechanically what is happening is under acceleration the pinion tries to climb the ring gear causing the springs to bow. This is because this is the path of least resistance as opposed to quickly accelerating an 8000 lbs object. With lift blocks the leverage working against the springs is increased allowing the pinion to climb further. When the pinion rises above the angle of the driveline the u-joints go out of phase causing an oscillation. This oscillation deflects the rubber in the carrier bearing thereby transmitting vibration to the cab. Carrier bearing shims reduce the differences in the effective angles seen by the upper and lower u-joints. This minimizes the oscillation but is typically not eliminated 100%. Flat rear lift blocks help by placing the pinion lower relative to the angle of the driveline which allows for a bit more pinion rotation before low speed oscillation occurs.

A CV rear driveline is more tolerant of these dynamics however they must be set up properly. With the addition of a CV rear driveline we recommend the lower u-joint to be roughly 1 degree low of the driveline angle.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Why does Icon Vehicle Dynamics offer both 4" spring and 4.5" hanger systems?

Most aftermarket lift springs offer an increased spring rate. As a result the increased rate requires greater force to compress a spring an equal amount which typically adversely effects ride quality. Now, increased rate can be beneficial if additional sprung weight is added such as with a replacement bumper and/or winch. However, ideally you want the lowest possible spring rate for the given ride height. Lift springs achieve increased ride height through either stack height or (more commonly) increased rate. Hanger lifts such as those by Icon Vehicle Dynamics provide increased ride height without increasing spring rate. The DR hanger kit offers an additional advantage by the inclusion of a longer replacement shackles in lieu of a shackle relocation bracket. As a result the polar moment about the longer shackle allows for improved impact absorption. When combined with application specific shocks, this kit will provide improved ride quality over stock.

The DR 4" spring system achieves most of it’s increased ride height through stack height. What this means is the main (top) leaf is nearly flat and most of the lift is provided by the stacking of 11 thin additional leafs underneath which make up a 3.75" tall spring stack. This progressive rate design is ideal for long travel off-road performance but is not quite as compliant as the OE spring on the street. In contrast, typical heavily arched lift spring offer a significantly higher rate which results in a harsh ride with little articulation.

The choice between hangers or springs should be based upon your individual requirements. Bottom line, for ultimate on-road ride plushness and good off-road performance, hangers are the way to go. For outstanding off-road performance with very good on-road ride quality the 4" spring is the ticket.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Why does my lifted 99-04 Supeduty clunk when I turn?

Check to be sure that you installed washers on the supplied 1/2" bolts between the swaybar bushings and the mounts. The bolts should be torqued to 53 ft/lbs. If you over tighten them they can make noise, especially if the washers are crushed. This is most often hear in off camber situations. Next, check to be sure that the track bar bracket bolt which extends though the crossmember is tight (30 ft/lbs.) and look for signs of movement between the bracket and crossmember. Sometimes the hole in the crossmember will be elongated which can result in movement/noise. If this is the case you can replace the factory bolt with a 1/2" bolt which will take up some of the clearance. Finally, check to be sure that your track bar bolts are tight. Very tight (395 ft/lbs).

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: What is Cross-Over steering and how does it work?

In stock form the drag link is relatively flat therefore steering force is applied evenly across the entire cross section of the steering box’s sector shaft. When a lift is installed the drag link angle is often steepened and as a result steering force becomes focused on to a progressively smaller area of the sector shaft. This is what is referred to as a stress riser which can result in sector shaft failure and total loss of steering control. Cross-over steering relocates the drag link’s lower ball joint and attaches it to an auxiliary arm mounted off the top of the right hand steering knuckle. This reduces the angle of the drag link thereby distributing the force over a greater surface area of the sector shaft.

Another benefit of cross-over steering can be a reduction in Bump Steer. As the angle of the drag link is steepened bump steer is increased due to the relationship between the differing arcs in which the drag link and track bar operate. In other words, as the suspension cycles the effective horizontal lengths of the drag link and track bar change thereby steering the wheels left and right without input from the driver. This results in unstable handling on uneven surfaces. The flatter drag link angle afforded by cross-over steering minimize deflection which when combined with a properly engineered track bar arrangement can actually serve to reduce bump steer over stock.

Additional benefits of crossover steering are improved steering response as steering input is transferred through 2 ball joints rather than 4 as in stock form. And, steering effort is improved due to the reduction in angular loss. An illustration of this can be made by simply pushing a lawn mower. The higher you hold the handle the harder it is to push as a certain percentage of your force is directed down rather than forward. The lower you hold the handle the greater the percentage of force directed forward. The flatter drag link angle provided with cross-over steering results in improved steering efficiency and reduced steering effort.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Can I get away without Cross-Over Steering if I bend my drag link?

A bent drag link only serves to reduce the angle seen by the tie rod ends. The line of force is still projected as a virtual line from joint to joint therefore the bend does nothing to reduce the stress applied to the sector shaft.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Question: Will lifting my truck void its factory warranty?

Adding a suspension lift in and of itself does not legally constitute grounds for denial of warranty coverage. The ‘Magnusion Moss Act’ was established to protect consumers from unjustifiable warranty denial.


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